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RITEK solar
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Excellent Material
Since 50 years ago, people found out that many of their everyday commodities are coming from Taiwan. However, instead of refraining from purchasing Taiwan products, people all over the world consciously buy Taiwan goods and mark ‘’the products made in Taiwan’’ with the tag "competition by quality".


RITEK Solar is one of only few remaining Taiwan manufacturers of solar modules which produce exclusively in Taiwan. RITEK Solar produces highly efficient modules characterized by outstanding

quality in the famous high tech country, Taiwan.


All module components, which we purchase mainly from famous suppliers worldwide. From the receipt of the components up to the packaging of the goods – we assure the extraordinary product quality of the modules made by Taiwan. .


Excellent Equipment
The best equipment of solar modules assemble is exceedingly demanding. To maintain the high product quality, RITEK Solar imported high quality equipment from famous Japanese companies such as NPC and uses automated production lines.


RITEK is also the first company in Taiwan accredited with the certifications of ISO 9001 and QS9000.At present, our quality management system has been qualified with the certificate of ISO9001:2008.


Excellent OEM service
For 20 years, RITEK has proven its excellent production reputation, not only in powerful production capacity but also in excellent quality control. RITEK Solar also has its well-established OEM service s experience. We provided OEM services for varieties of international solar brand. We do have full range of green product line includes C-Si, BIPV modules. We offer the best "One Stop Shopping" service. The best thing is that we has service centers in America, Europe, and Asia to provide worldwide customers best and immediately service


The video clip illustrates a brief introduction of RITEK Solar's manufacturing process, research & development, quality control, and certification & achievement of its solar modules.