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Flexible Thin Film Modules
RITEK Flexible PV modules are the most convenient, lightweight and portable PV modules available on the market. We can provide and customize many flexible thin film solar modules, available in a variety of wattages, voltages and sizes – making that we have the flexible PV module that is perfect for a variety of applications.
Lightweight and Durable
Can be Rolled Up
Do not Splinter or Glare
Conveniently taken along for daily commute
Can be Customized : The wide selection of sizes and output levels
Can be placed on curved or uneven surfaces
Suitable for a variety of purposes
A flexible PV module is capable of powering a variety of things
Our unique thin film PV module manufacturing process allows us to create thin, lightweight and rollable flexible PV module which is ideal for many 3C consumer products, portable solar applications and much, much more. They are commonly used to charge electronics like Power Banks. The flexible surface also makes the module to be incorporated into such things as backpack and tent designs. It provide safe back-up electricity for outdoor activities. They are even can designed with different kinds of clothes such as bicycle attires and military garbs.
Portable solar lighting equipment
Power Bank
3C consumer products
Incorporated backpack and tent designs
Designed with special functional clothes for
bicycle riders or solders
Much more keep continuing……………
Flexible PV Module VS Traditional PV Module


RITEK Solar Flexible PV Modules

Traditional PV Modules








Do not Splinter or Glare

Splinter and Glare


Can fit the curved surface

Can not fit the curved surface

Product Specification
Providing Customized Service

 56g +/- 5%

 Model Type:


 Peak Power Rating, Pmax

 1.92 W

 Peak Power Voltage, Vpm

 4.68 V

 Peak Power Current, Ipm

 411 mA

Electrical Characteristics: Performance at STC*
*STC: Standard Test Condition, 1000 W/㎡, AM 1.5, 25℃