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Solar Modules
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Foldable Solar Module
RITEK foldable solar modules are the most convenient, lightweight solar modules available on the market. It is perfect for powering up your devices away from the outlet. It is especially suitable for families on the go, outdoor adventurers, and professionals in the field. It is designed to survive even in the harshest conditions, while still letting you charged easily.
Flexible with good performance solar cells
Can provide additional power whenever there is sun.
5V regulator with USB outlet allows mobile devices charging
Eyelet design is convenient for fixing
Multi-section folding panels for ease of storage and use
Lightweight and Durable
Water repellent and abrasion resistant fabric cover is suitable for outdoor purpose
Variety of colors are available : Black , Camouflage , Light Blue , Pink
Easily folds into a small and portable square, making transportation effortless
Separable accessory design is convenient for storage
3 meters extended cable design can avoid damage of your mobile devices under sun light while charging
Convenient storage pocket can accommodate a maximum of 5 inches mobile phones.
Can charge smartphones, digital cameras, GPS devices, small tablets, Power Bank and more.
Product Specification
Electrical Characteristics: Performance at STC*1




Pmp ( W )



Vmp ( V )



Imp ( mA )



Unfolded Dimension ( mm )

575 x 260 x 4

920 x 260 x 4

Folded Dimension ( mm )

165 x 260 x 15

175 x 260 x 22

Weight ( g )

313 ± 9 %

502 ± 9 %

*STC: Standard Test Condition, 1000W/m2, AM1.5, 25℃