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Solar Modules
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RITEK Corporation boasts extensive experience in solar systems. Our service team provides consulting, planning, designing and constructing services to address the solar system market. We design solar systems with professional knowledge, a hands-on attitude and support from advanced CAD systems. Our blueprints and engineering plans are detailed and accurate. RITEK Corporation is the first company that adopts welding-free assembly. This approach is efficient, time-saving and cost-competitive. Moreover, the constructed solar systems are aesthetically attractive. The high-quality solar modules manufactured by RITEK Corporation are accompanied with erosion-resident and acid-resident mounting systems and water-proof components such as switches. Our solar systems are energy-efficient, environmental-friendly and guaranteed by RITEK Corporation.


The experienced team of RITEK Corporation offers integrated services and energy-efficient solutions (solar energy first before using electricity from utilities). This can enhance corporate images with environmental friendly efforts and avoid fines in summer for excess consumption of electricity. Our modules come with a warranty of 25 years or more. Meanwhile, solar modules may be potentially exempt from carbon taxes. RITEK Corporation strives to provide the best solar systems of all scales, for utilities, commercial and residential applications.


When you choose RITEK Solar, you’ll be in good company. Very good company.


Although the solar system looks similar, but in reality are far apart, the modules’ efficiency, performance, quality; company reliability, and services are different. RITEK is a company with more than of history. RITEK Solar systems have demonstrated their lasting value in major solar installations around the globe - from the Projects in Taiwan, Malaysia, New Zealand in Pacific Asia, Germany, Greece in Europe and California and New Jersey in America.

Designing flows for RITEK’s solar systems: