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RITEK solar
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RITEK Corporation is dedicated to the Photovoltaic (PV) product development and is professional to the production of solar systems and system deployment all over the world. We strive to offer a variety of solar solutions to meet with customers’ needs.


In addition, with the combination of R&D team within the RITEK group and the use of leading green energy technology, we develop a variety of green and other related products includes SHS, LED light…etc. We provide more multiple choices for our customers.


Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, RITEK Corporation has premises all over the world for production, sales and services. As a professional manufacturer in the solar industry, RITEK Corporation is dedicated to its role as a corporate citizen to the environment. We aim to provide quality, high-performance and price-competitive solar modules, applications, and related green products in order to create a cleaner, greener and more comfortable life for the public.


Company Profile

Corporate Name: RITEK Corporation
Established Date: December 29, 1988
Date of IPO: April 23, 1996
Headquarters: No. 42 Kuangfu N. Road, HSIN Chu Industrial Park, Taiwan 30351
Employees: 6,000 (Global)
Capital: US $ 318.6 milloin
Multiple Product Line: Storage Media:
Optical Disc|Duplication|USB Flash Drive|
SD Flash Card|Portable Hard Drive|Solid State Drive|dRam
  Green Energy:
Solar Module|Solar System|Energy Storage System
  Display Panel:
PMOLED|ITO Glass|PSS (Patterned Sapphire Substrate)
  Metal Mask:
Bio Disc biological detection discs | Electroforming stencil|
RITEK nozzle plates and nebulized module
  Chemical Material:
Silicone Chemicals
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