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Green Product
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High reliability with certifications: USA ‘’UL’’, EU ‘’CE’’, and Taiwan ‘’CNS’’.
Light fading rate is less than 1% with 4,000 hours;less than 2% with 5,000 hours.
The entire road illumination uniformity, and no ghosting and glare problems.
Simple, Sturdy, and Durable Design.
Smart investment: energy efficient LED technology, low maintenance costs.
QC gating at ‘’IP level 67’’ to extend lifespan and avoid the capillarity.
Qualified by ‘’Level 17 wind tunnel test’’ to improve the resistance and reduce damages from typhoon and natural disasters.
Qualified by’’ salt mist test’’ and adaptable for coast island climate, especially.
Why use LED Street Light?

To save energy:

With the same illumination, LED light saves more than 50%~80% energy than tradition light.
Using LED can drastically decrease the use of copper in wires and the use of energy.
LED light has longer life span, so using LED light means decreasing the consumption of manufacturing light bulb resources.


To Reduce Maintenance Cost:

LED is 3 times longer than traditional lights.
The frequency of changing bulbs, consumption of materials and labor cost can be drastically reduced.
To Protect Environment & Reduce Light Pollution:
LED lighting consumes low energy, reduces CO2 emission, and improves controlling green-housed effect.
LED street lighting is mercury-free, so will not cause heavy-metal pollution.
LED street lighting is directional, and will only light on to roads, instead of plants in the farms that are close to the street lights.